Pirate Fest Sailing Into Gananoque for Third Year

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by Lorraine Payette, written July 8, 2013, photos from Pirate Fest 2012

“Avast, a-weigh, yo-ho, heave ho, a-pirating we’ll go!”
– Peter Pan the Musical

(GANANOQUE, ONTARIO) Tall ships have been seen heading in from the west, there’s been gunfire on the waterfront, and the citizens have been bracing themselves for all that might be in store. What ho, my lads, but there’s a flag with skull and bones, and pirates taking over Gananoque. It must be time once again for Pirate Fest.

This year the event will run from July 11 – 14.

“We are bringing in a small midway for the kids during the Pirate Days festivities,” said Lisa Bird of the BIA. “The midway will run from 11am to 9pm Thursday to Sunday.

“We want to give a huge thank you to our partners with the Pirate Days Festival and TIAP who are giving us money so I could secure a shuttle bus to bring visitors downtown from the waterfront to come to the midway and the core. The shuttle will make its rounds once an hour from 11am to 6pm.”

And what an amazing array of activities will be coming in. Organized by TIAP, the Gananoque Boatline and the Downtown BIA, admission is $5 for children for entrance to the Pirate Village at Joel Stone Park for the 4 days and $10 for adults, or $5 adults for one day.

“This year Pirate Days will feature an enhanced Pirate Village with buskers, artisans, pirate demonstrations, family games and great waterfront entertainment,” says 1000 Islands Tourism. “Thursday evening features an outdoor waterfront movie viewing of pirate themed films. A pirate parade storms King Street on Friday night as pirates of all sorts make their way to the waterfront from the Recreation Centre. Friday and Saturday offer great family fun during the day and at night the pirate village will be hosting great entertainment on the waterfront stage. Sunday closes the festival with two major contests; best pirate costume and the tallest tale contest.”

A detailed program of events reads as follows:

Thursday, July 11

Dinner with Captain Jack
7:30 pm: Movie night: Two piraty adventured movies on the shores of the mighty St. Lawrence


Friday, July 12

12 NOON TO 7 PM: Waterfront pirate village kids zone all day; crafts 3 legged races, obstacle course, bouncy castle and more.
1:00 to 2:30 pm: Capt’n Tor and the Naer-Do-Well-Cads
3:00 pm The Irish Roots Band
6:30 pm: All participants meet at Recreation Centre for parade line up. All welcome to join
7:30 pm: Parade from Rec Centre to waterfront.
8:30 PM: MC welcome and political announcements
9:00 pm: Jolly Rogers band on waterfront stage
9:45 pm: Poor Angus on waterfront stage Saturday

Saturday July 13

11 am to 7 pm: Waterfront pirate village kid’s zone all day; crafts 3
legged races, obstacle course, bouncy castle and more.
11 am: Pirate puppet show and puppet workshop
12:00 noon: Capt’n Tor and the Naer-Do-Well-Cads
2:00 pm: 2nd Annual Walk the Plank Belly flop contest
3:30 pm: Poor Angus
4:30 pm: Pirate puppet show and puppet workshop
7:00 pm- Live entertainment in Pirate Village TBA
8:00 pm-Celtic Kitchen Party
11 pm – Park Closes

Sunday July 14

11 am to 3:00 pm Waterfront Pirate Village Kids Zone
11:00 am: Capt’n Tor and the Naer-Do-Well-Cads
12:30 pm: Best Pirate Costume (Registration begins at 12 noon in Joel Stone
Heritage Park)
12:45 pm: Tallest Tale Contest. Share your wildest pirate tale for auspicious
“Medal for Bragging Rights”
1:45 pm: Poor Angus
3:00 pm: Close of village

For more on the event, please go to http://www.ganboatline.com/ThousandIslandsPiratesWeek.asp , call 800-561-1595 or stop by in person at the Gananoque Boat Line ticket office.


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  1. Great to see you having so much fun with your blog. I hear nothing but enthusiasm that can’t be stopped!!!! Yea for freedom on the PIRAT ship!!!! Sail on!!! Pat

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