Smooth Sailing as Rotary Club of Gananoque Makes Donation to Camp Merrywood


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Written August 4, 2017

(Perth ON)

There is a lot of joyful noise rising out of Camp Merrywood, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.  An Easter Seals camp located near Perth, it takes 72 very special campers per ten day session, and always finds itself filled to capacity with bright, eager participants.  While about 95 percent of campers come from Ontario, many also come from Newfoundland, and the occasional international camper joins the group.  While the campers may have conditions like spina bifida, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or a host of other daunting physical conditions, during their time at Merrywood they are simply kids out to have a great time in a wonderful environment. Continue reading


TIGSAR Going for Small Business Gold

L-r, Phillip Durand, Cathy Gill, Kevin Gill (president) and Sherri Dufton; dogs Alex and Kera - members of TIGSAR

L-r, Phillip Durand, Cathy Gill, Kevin Gill (president) and Sherri Dufton; dogs Alex and Kera – members of TIGSAR

by Lorraine Payette, written March 5, 2014

(Leeds-Grenville) When most of us think of Ground Search and Rescue, we imagine well trained and organized professionals in uniforms heading out into remote areas with dogs, boats, ATVS and other specialized equipment as they search calmly and efficiently for missing people. We automatically expect them to be highly paid professionals, provided by our taxpayer dollars.

However, these groups of dedicated helpers are made up of volunteers in Ontario.

“Thousand Islands Ground Search and Rescue (TIGSAR) is a not-for-profit organization and registered charitable organization,” says Kevin Gill, Team Leader. “The SAR team operates under the Ontario Search and Rescue Volunteer Association (OSARVA), which is the governing body for volunteer search and rescue teams within the province of Ontario.” – to read more>

Clark Wears Green To Show Support For 4-H’s 100th Anniversary

PC Caucus wears Green for 100th Anniversary of 4-H

PC Caucus wears Green for 100th Anniversary of 4-H

by Michael Jiggins, Executive Assistant to Steve Clark, MPP, Leeds-Grenville, written November 6, 2013

(QUEEN’S PARK) – Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark was proud today to join members of the Ontario PC Caucus in wearing green at the Ontario Legislative Assembly to show his support for 4H Canada ’s 100th anniversary.

“I know how hard 4H volunteers here in Leeds-Grenville work to cultivate programs that give young people the skills they need to be successful in life – whether they pursue a career in agriculture or any other field,” said Clark. “4H has done so much over the past century to promote the values of rural communities and I’m proud in their centenary year to show my strong support for everyone involved.” – to read more>

TI Yarnspinners Weaving Tales in New Location

Once upon a ...

Once upon a …

by Lorraine Payette, written October 18, 2013

As the shadows deepen, come. Draw closer to the fire, wrap yourself in the arms of the group, and settle in for an evening of stories. The tellers are rising from the mists, here to enchant, delight, perhaps to frighten you just a little bit, but always to share and have you share with them.

And as the darkness closes around them, the stories will get wilder and wilder. Some will be quiet and intense, others loud and full of life and movement, for each teller is unique. A topic is determined each month, and they come together, eager both to share and to learn from each other.

And, if you’ve a yen, a thought that there’s a story inside you waiting to escape, they invite you to join them and see what you can do. – to read more>

492 Military Police Army Cadets Well Into a Successful Year

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by Lorraine Payette, written October 8, 2013

(GANANOQUE, ON) – The 492 Military Police Army Cadets in Gananoque are in full swing after having held a very successful Recruitment Barbecue on September 11. Now that the excitement of joining up, the fun of seeing your friends join, too, is over, it’s time for the work to begin.

Kate Andrews, formerly known as CWO Andrews, assisted with training through most of the month of September as a civilian volunteer. – to read more>

The Great Waterway announces new Board of Directors

submitted by Libby Smith, Executive Director, The Great Waterway, 945 Princess Street, Suite 202, Kingston, Ontario

(KINGSTON, ON) – The Great Waterway elected a new Board of Directors for 2013–2014 at its Annual General Meeting held on September 17 at the recently renovated National Air Force Museum of Canada in Trenton. The newly elected Board is committed to the continued development and achievements of The Great Waterway. – to read more>

492 Military Police Army Cadets Hosting Registration and Barbecue

492 Military Police Army Cadets

492 Military Police Army Cadets

by Lorraine Payette, written on September 5, 2013

(GANANOQUE, ONTARIO) The Number 492 Military Police Canadian Army Cadet Corps is hosting a free barbecue at its annual registration being held on Wednesday, September 11, starting at 6:30 p.m. The event takes place at the Lou Jeffries Recreation Centre on King Street East in Gananoque. The program is for kids between the ages of 12 and 18. A birth certificate and OHIP card are needed for registration.

Police and Provost services have existed in many of the world’s armies since the time of Augustus Caesar (27 BC – 14 AD) or earlier. While relatively new to the Canadian Army, they were used to assist in managing the large armies that existed at that time, helping to keep order and deliver dispatches. The Canadian Military Police Corps came about during World War I in October of 1917, and were connected with the RCMP. Time passed, and in 1963 it was decided to amalgamate the Royal Canadian Navy (Shore Patrol), the Army (Provost Corps) and the Royal Canadian Air Force Police. These units came together to be the Military Police Branch. – to read more>

100 Years of Ploughing Competitions to Be Celebrated in Lansdowne

100 years and going strong

100 years and going strong

by Lorraine Payette, written August 28, 2013

(LANSDOWNE, ONTARIO) With all the advances in agriculture over time, a straight furrow is still important. And the 4-H is still going strong, teaching young people this and all the other skills they need to keep farms alive and healthy far into the future.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the International Ploughing Match. – to read more>

Shoal Sisters Bright New Fundraising Program for TIA

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by Lorraine Payette, written on July 27, 2013

(GANANOQUE, ONTARIO) What better way to start a perfect summer’s day than to go down to the Springer Theatre in Gananoque and indulge in an old fashioned shore breakfast? Jayne Curtis and her crew got out all the fixings, and the Thousand Islands Association (TIA) got its 2013 AGM going in fine style. The organization is proud to announce it has fifty new members, and is hoping for even more in the upcoming year. – to read more>

TIA Seeks Members to Help Keep Folks Off the Rocks

Thousand Islands Association

Thousand Islands Association

by Lorraine Payette, written February 23, 2013

(TLTI, ONTARIO) Anyone who does any boating in the Thousand Islands has seen the shoal markers. Wherever there is a rock, or other danger, it is clearly pointed out by one of these friendly little sentinels as it bobs in the waves, reminding people to steer clear. Most people simply assume they are another sign of our tax payer dollars at work, and would never question their existence.

But that is a big mistake. – to read more>