Smooth Sailing as Rotary Club of Gananoque Makes Donation to Camp Merrywood


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Written August 4, 2017

(Perth ON)

There is a lot of joyful noise rising out of Camp Merrywood, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.  An Easter Seals camp located near Perth, it takes 72 very special campers per ten day session, and always finds itself filled to capacity with bright, eager participants.  While about 95 percent of campers come from Ontario, many also come from Newfoundland, and the occasional international camper joins the group.  While the campers may have conditions like spina bifida, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or a host of other daunting physical conditions, during their time at Merrywood they are simply kids out to have a great time in a wonderful environment. Continue reading


OPP seek public help in solving 40-year-old cold case

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Three dimensional clay facial reconstruction of Nation River Lady created by OPP Forensic Artist/Reconstruction Analyst, Provincial Constable Duncan Way using advanced modern technology (courtesy of OPP gleaned from their official video)


Written on August 1, 2017

(Ontario, Canada) A farmer living south of the Town of Casselman, Ontario, made a grisly discovery on May 3, 1975.  A short distance from the Highway 417 Bridge the remains of a Caucasian woman somewhere between 25 and 50 years old, of a height between 5’ 2” (157 cm) and 5” 3” (160 cm) tall, were lying in the Nation River.

Body location

Aerial view showing where the body was found


“Her body was wrapped with two pieces of green cloth, two towels – one depicting an Irish Toast and the second displaying multiple flowers,” says a news release from the OPP.  “Additionally, a J Cloth, black coaxial cable and a curtain rod runner were with the body.  Her hands and feet were bound with neckties; a blue tie with small Canada flag emblems known as ‘the Canadian tie’, a blue striped silk tie and a red tie with yellow patterns.”

With no identification found on the body, she was called the Nation River Lady and has gone on to be one of Canada’s longest lasting mysteries.  A woman with the modern fashion sense of her day, her body was clothed in a long sleeved, navy blue body suit – a popular garment for women that came in many styles, all of which fastened at the crotch with snaps to keep the garment neatly tucked in.  The one she was wearing buttoned ¾ down the front.  She also had a complete manicure (both finger and toenails) with pink polish.  Her hair was naturally brown, but she had dyed it strawberry blonde.

She is described as being of slight to average build, weighing approximately 100 pounds (45.5 Kg).  Her body had a scar indicating that her appendix had been removed.  She had had considerable dental work and wore partial dentures, both upper and lower.

Yet with all this information about her, so many key things about the Nation River Lady are completely unknown.  Who was she?  What was her name?  Who killed her and why?

The killer in this case robbed her not only of her life, but of her identity as well.

Several articles have been written about her over the years, various bits of information released, all hoping to finally learn her identity and help bring the case to rest.  Going through them adds some legitimate information not listed in the latest release.

The items found with her tend to shed little light on where she came from, where she was killed, or why.  The “Canadian Tie” had three Canadian emblems on a navy blue background.  A souvenir item, it was made in Montreal and sold by various stores in the province of Quebec and in the eastern part of Ontario.  The coaxial cable that was found tightened around her neck was apparently manufactured in Renfrew, Ontario and distributed in the areas of Ottawa, Hull, Montreal and Brockville, with an article stating that it had a spatter of grey paint on it.  The tea towels and J Cloth found with her were common items found in many homes, as was the green, fringed cloth (which resembles a furniture throw or bedspread in the photograph provided).  The other two men’s ties were standard fashion items of the era.

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Items found with her body (photos property of OPP except for vintage body suit ad)

Due to the science of the period, determining time of death was not easy.  It has been stated that she may have been killed in the summer or fall of 1974, then disposed of in the river.  Winter conditions could easily have kept her from being found until late in the following spring.

OPP Forensic Artist/Reconstruction Analyst, Provincial Constable Duncan Way has used advanced modern technology and created a three dimensional clay facial reconstruction of her.  Viewed from several angles, it will hopefully remind someone of a person they knew and cared about more than 40 years ago.

She was someone’s daughter, and may have been someone’s aunt, cousin, sister, or wife.  One article claims that her body showed no signs of ever having had children.  She may have come from the Town of Casselman area, or she may have been from farther away.  Was she someone’s best friend, someone somebody didn’t think could possibly be dead?  Was there no one who missed her?  Does anyone recognize or remember her at all?

Hope was kept alive as long as possible before her body was interred in a Toronto cemetery in 1987, marked only with a numbered metal plate.  But now, with advanced technology, there may be a fresh chance to solve this case.  Her DNA and fingerprints are on file, and with public cooperation and assistance it may be possible to finally at least bring a name to one who has been without one for so long.

“The Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) investigates major crimes including homicide along with death investigations on behalf of the Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario,” says the official release.  “The Missing Persons Unidentified Remains Unit (MPUB) is dedicated to assisting front line police officers with missing persons and unidentified human remains investigations.  A partnership between the OPP MPUB unit, the Ontario Forensic Pathology Service (OFPS) and the Office of the Chief Coroner (OCC) has existed since 2006 and we work together to locate missing persons and give a name to unidentified remains.”

With this aim in mind, they have once again reached out to the public for help in the Nation River Lady’s case, bringing out the physical evidence and making it available for scrutiny.  Cases like this are never closed until they are solved, no matter how long it takes.

“Under the direction of Detective Inspector Daniel Nadeau of the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB), detectives from Russell County OPP and East Region Criminal Operations have been reviewing the evidence and exploring investigative options,” says the release.  “Ontario Provincial Police are seeking the public’s assistance and ask that if you have information that may help identity this woman or to find the person(s) responsible for her homicide that you contact the Ontario Provincial Police at 1-888-310-1122 or the Nation River Lady dedicated tipline at 613-591-2296.”

Gananoque Rotary Club Assisting Nepal Earthquake Victims

by Lorraine Payette, written May 2, 2015

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All photos copyrighted to Shree Krishna Dhital and associate

(Gananoque, ON) The disaster in Nepal has left the world reeling in its wake. A tiny nation of only 147,181 square kilometers, it was ravaged by a giant earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale at 11:56 NST on 25 April, killing more than 6,500 and leaving more than 14,000 injured with thousands still missing. – to read more>

Town of Gananoque Water Services Freezing

Cooking dinner next to canner full of hot water

Cooking dinner next to canner full of hot water

by Shelley Hirstwood, February 25, 2015

TOWN OF GANANOQUE – Mayor Erika Demchuk and Council of the Town of Gananoque would like to advise the residents of Gananoque about water service freezing issues within the Town. – to read more>

Missing Person Alert – Gananoque, Ontario – Update

Tedford has been found alive and well, and returned to his family. Thanks go out to all who helped.

by Mary C. Jess, Communications #127 – February 21, 2015

(Gananoque, ON) The Gananoque Police Service is currently seeking the public’s assistance in locating a Gananoque male who was last seen on February 20th, 2015 at approximately 6:30 p.m..

Joseph Scott TEDFORD is a 46 year old white male, 5’7” in height, 150lbs, thin build, blue eyes, balding/brush cut brown hair and goatee. TEDFORD was last seen wearing a blue nylon coat, blue jeans and deck shoes. Last known location for TEDFORD was the intersection of Charles and King Streets. – to read more>

Store at Darlingside Historic Site Threatened with Demolition

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Artifacts from the original store at Darlingside

by Lorraine Payette

(TLTI, ON) Thomas Darling would have been proud. A humble Scottish immigrant who started a cordwood business in Lansdowne in 1837, how could he ever have expected that today he and his family could be honoured with the preservation of his store and an interest by historians and local people in his historic tea industry artifacts? They are still there, carefully preserved and waiting to be enjoyed and understood in their original location in Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands.

However, today, the original store is threatened with demolition unless people come forward to stop it. – to read more>

Highway of Heroes Brings another Canadian Soldier Home

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Thousands gathered on overpasses along the Highway of Heroes to pay homage and show their support

by Lorraine Payette, written October 25, 2014

Thousands of people came out on Friday, October 23, to pay homage as the body of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was brought home from Ottawa to Hamilton. Local overpasses on the 401 bled with Canadian colours as the procession wound its way respectfully along the Highway of Heroes, preparing to lay another Canadian soldier to rest.

Corporal Cirillo, age 24, was killed in Ottawa at the National War Memorial on Wednesday, October 22, by a gunman linked to the terror group ISIS. Only two days previously, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, age 52, was killed after being intentionally run down in a parking lot in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

Neither soldier was armed at the time he was attacked. – to read more>

MPP Clark Provides Book of Condolence for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Book of Condolence for Corporal Nathan Cirillo

Book of Condolence for Corporal Nathan Cirillo

by Michael Jiggins, Executive Assistant to Steve Clark, MPP, Leeds-Grenville written October 24, 2-14

( BROCKVILLE ) – Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark has set up a Book of Condolence for Corporal Nathan Cirillo at his constituency office, Suite 101, 100 Strowger Boulevard in Brockville.

Cpl. Cirillo, a reservist with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders regiment based in Hamilton , was gunned down Wednesday while guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Parliament Hill.

Clark said he wanted to give residents of Leeds-Grenville an opportunity to pay their respects to Cpl. Cirillo and honour the bravery of the young father, who leaves behind a six-year-old son. Continue reading

Gananoque’s Got Heart – Helping the Victims of the Bell Tower Mall Fire

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by Lorraine Payette, written April 30, 2014

“You’ve gotta have heart
Miles and miles and miles of heart…”
– You’ve Gotta Have Heart

(Gananoque, ON) The victims of the tragic Bell Tower Mall fire are learning just how amazing the townspeople of Gananoque really are.

On April 17 a fire broke out in the complex, killing one person and leaving 11 others homeless. Although a person has been charged in the incident, that’s a far cry from solving the problem for those who now find themselves with nothing.

“We’re accepting useful donations for the fire victims,” said Tara Berry of Overstocks at 122 King Street East in the town. “We’ve opened up a bank account for them. There are six families with no place at all to go. They need everything.” – to read more>

Auditor General Confirms OLG Plan Rigged From the Start: Clark

Chamber of Commerce Breakfast - Gananoque - August 23, 2013 - IMG_1241cropresizeacopyright

by Michael Jiggins, Executive Assistant to Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark – written April 28, 2014

“Residents deserve the assurance that the process is fair and above-board and that the government and OLG are truly considering the impact on existing host communities and on the residents of potential host locations.”

– Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark on March 28, 2013, the day an Ontario PC motion calling on the Auditor General to investigate OLG was tabled.

(QUEEN’S PARK) – Ontario ’s Liberal government stacked the deck against the future of the Thousand Islands Casino by endorsing a plan to move it to downtown Kingston. – to read more>