“Third Floor” Brings Twisted Fun to Firehall Theatre

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by Lorraine Payette, written July 8, 2013, photos by Mark Bergin

(GANANOQUE, ONTARIO) There’s something not quite right on the Third Floor. Oh sure, condo living takes some getting used to, but still. It can be something as simple and silly as looking at people’s door mats, or it can be some annoying little habit.

When new neighbours meet in a hallway, the usual small talk is always expected. Who are you, what do you do, what do you like, where are you from… Chit-chat. But when she is pretty self contained and private, while he is wild, rambunctious, and somehow, very intense, it can lead to an interesting relationship.

Bring in a new dynamic, and there’s more to talk about, more to do. One neighbour just isn’t quite playing by the rules. Who is this mystery woman, why do we never see her and why does she always leave her garbage sitting outside her door, never moving it for days at a time?

Maybe we should find out…

Third Floor opened at the Firehall Theatre in Gananoque on July 5, ushering in a new twist on romantic comedy and suspense. Lightly yet successfully mimicking the style of Alfred Hitchcock, it draws you into the darkness of a well started yet increasingly twisted relationship, and lets you out somewhat changed on the other side.

Written by former Queen’s University student Jason Hall, the play not only mimics Hitchcock’s style, but alludes to various works as well. The characters are never referred to by name (at most, only by unit numbers), but he is a definite fan of the genre, while she is waiting to be first coaxed, then introduced, finally falling under the spell of the master. However, what for her is an evening’s entertainment with a friend, for him seems to be the key to an entire lifestyle.

While Taylor Trowbridge does an excellent job as the woman, a truly stellar performance is put on by Craig Pike. His portrayal is brilliant, his attention to the details of the individual laudable. He not only knows his character, he becomes him – and lets the audience feel every moment of that truth. Pike said that he has played at least one character with base similarities to this one in the past.

Ashlie Corcoran is also to be praised for her direction of this piece. Using a limited stage situation, she has skilfully brought the weeks of this relationship to life and pulled all of the elements together for a highly successful show.

The run for “Third Floor” at the Firehall Theatre in Gananoque is from July 5 – August 3. Show times are Tuesday through Saturday 8:00 pm, with matinees Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 pm (starting the Sunday after opening night). Tickets are $32 for adults, $30 for seniors age 65+, $16 for students. Group tickets are available at $26 – $28 each including GST. For more information, please contact the box office at 613-382-7020 or 1-866-382-7020 (long distance), or by e-mail at boxoffice@1000islandsplayhouse.com , or visit http://www.1000islandsplayhouse.com .


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