Mulcaster’s Pursuit Sails into Gananoque

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by Lorraine Payette, written on July 10

(GANANOQUE, ONTARIO) A stream of fire in the blackness of night, the roar of the cannon, and Mulcaster’s Pursuit began its brief stay in Gananoque as the mosquito fleet camped for two days before sailing on again to Rockport on its journey to Chrysler’s Farm.

Parks Canada had gone all out to accompany the fleet, bringing their giant sized outdoor screen to show “The Flames of War”, a documentary about the War of 1812 and its importance in Canadian history. During the day, pavilions were set up to encourage the public to participate and learn about life as it was two centuries ago. Costumed interpreters from Fort Wellington demonstrated the use of both muskets and cannons.

Re-enactors created their own world down by the water, sleeping within easy reach of their boats and ships. It took very little imagination to believe you really were there in 1813, waiting for the next leg of the journey.

Parks Canada logged about 550 visitors through its tents during the stay, and more came out to see the fleet off. For more about William Howe Mulcaster and the history of this campaign, please go to .


1 thought on “Mulcaster’s Pursuit Sails into Gananoque

  1. Well done, well said Lorraine and excellent photos of the July 7-9 event recognizing the 1813 Mulcaster’s Pursuit. Those who braved the sizzling heat of those few days to attend or participate in the event, deserve medals themselves! History Comes Alive in Gananoque.
    Jan Gravelle,Event Coordinator, on behalf of the Gananoque War of 1812-1813 Bicentennial Committee.

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