All Eyes Were on Delta for 183rd Fair

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By Lorraine Payette, written August 1, 2013

(DELTA, ONTARIO) The 183rd annual Delta Fair brought out its best for everyone from July 25-28. One of the oldest operating fairs in Canada, it is as popular today as it was back when everything started in 1830.

This year’s fair provided entertainment for all ages, and from ages past and present. Whether watching blacksmith Robert Vaughan work his magic with fire and iron during his presentations of “Hear the Anvil Ring” or settling in for the lawn mower pull, listening to the music of Eddy and the Stingrays or watching the antics of the Little Farmers children show, enjoying the midway or checking out all the amazing exhibits on display, there was more than enough for anyone to do.


“It’s fun,” said Sean Pert, 6. He and his brother Ethan had won a large blue dog on the midway.

“His name is Buddy,” Sean said. “’Cause when I get my real dog I’m going to call him Buddy.”

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An amazing array of categories were open for competition, from horse and lawn mower pulls to horse shows, with barns full of home crafts, plants, animals, baking and food preservation.

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Horse Show

The milk goat competition drew a stand full of viewers, while connoisseurs kept a close eye on the Western horse show.


Even after all this time, the fair shows no signs of quitting, or even losing steam. They are already counting down for next year and are eager to get started.


“The success of our fair is largely due in part to all of the hard work and planning of our volunteer members along with the generosity of area businesses and individual sponsors,” said Charles Nichols, fair President. “Together with the creativity and enthusiasm of our exhibitors, the above combination produces four interesting and fun filled days for all of us to enjoy.”

To learn more about the fair, or to volunteer to contribute skills and abilities for next year, please go to .


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