Gananoque Police Warn Public About E-Mail Scam

Gananoque Police Services

Gananoque Police Services

by Lindsay Grant, approved by Sgt. Sherboneau, written March 27, 2014

The Gananoque Police Service is warning residents about fraudulent communications that are being received through email regarding the Canada Revenue Agency.

The ongoing scam involves false emails claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Reports have been received from residents who have received emails appearing to be from the CRA stating they are owed a refund or that they are required to immediately pay, back taxes to the CRA.

The recipient of the email is requested to provide personal information in order to either receive the money owed to them or pay the outstanding bill. As per the Canada Revenue Agency Website, a taxpayer will never receive a request for their personal information via email from the CRA.

The Gananoque Police Service advises that residents do not proceed with requests received in the emails without verifying directly with the CRA. As a taxpayer your personal information is already on file with the CRA and should not be requested through email.

For more information about this and other scams involving the CRA please visit the Canada Revenue Web page at .


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