An Apology Is in Order

by Lorraine Payette, written May 21, 2014

Sometimes when we write for publication, we make mistakes. Sometimes we try to edit things for length and go too far, or simply miss putting things in, or misunderstand what we were supposed to be saying in the first place.

In this case, I wrote an article for Living Here Magazine, the May/June issue, about Gananoque: Fishing in Ontario’s Ultimate Fishing Town. It was running long, so I started cutting back and made an omission.

Paragraph 3 on page 16 of the May/June Living Here Magazine should have read:

“The $3,500 prize received was divided up among Muskies Canada – Gananoque & The 1,000 Islands Chapter ($1,000) for a Radio Telemetry Research Study in the St. Lawrence River; marketing for a contest ($150) with the prize being a Guided Fishing Excursion for four children and one adult with fishing guide, Dan Spencer (all parts of the prize itself were donated free of charge by Spencer); the Thousand Island Association ($600) to purchase a shoal marker to improve safety in the channel; the annual Gananoque Huck Finn Derby ($300), which encourages young people throughout the area to enjoy fishing; and purchasing banners, advertising, logo stickers, signage for Gananoque, Ontario’s Ultimate Fishing Town 2013 to help promote Gananoque’s fishing industry ($1,450).”

Please accept my apologies for any and all confusion that this may have caused readers of the magazine, and any inconvenience it may have caused those mentioned in the article. The purpose of the article was to promote Gananoque for the wonderful, world class fishing town it truly is, and not to take away anything from the amazing achievements of the town and these great contributors.


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