Pat Butchart’s Creative Expressions on Display at Socialist Pig

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Creative Expressions

by Lorraine Payette, written June 8, 2014

Splashes and spills of brilliant colour, texture and light. Everything swirls together until suddenly an image pops out to dominate this world of creativity and another beautiful artistic expression is here on the canvas to make you think, smile, perhaps wonder a bit at the talent that brought it forth.

Real estate agent Patricia Butchart of Gananoque is a diminutive elf of a woman. Her smile is infectious, and the twinkle in her eyes lets you know there’s far more to her than a simple glance could tell. She is the living force behind the show, “Creative Expressions”, and the intuitive art on display at the Socialist Pig on King Street East in Gananoque.

“I can’t draw, but I want to let the world know how to find joy in art,” says Butchart.

When she tried following the rules in her art classes, it was like caging her spirit. Copying the work of former artists or even working from life and nature just wasn’t for her.

“It didn’t feel right. But when I do this, my spirit feels free to soar!”

And soar it does. Unlike traditional painting where the artist sets up the form, lays out the palette to establish colour, and determines in advance what will appear on the canvas, Butchart lets the medium take control. She pours and drips, brushes and scrubs, lays down and takes off colour in wild abandon until the surface is exactly what she wants. Colours run and flow, mix and blend to create a surface filled with depth and illusion. Then she gets out her chalk and sketches over them, picking up the lines and shadows, and defining what is “already there”.

Although she makes her living as a real estate agent, her life is better expressed on her breathtaking canvases. She has done several shows in Gananoque, each one delightful and different from anything else around. Everywhere you look there is colour and feeling flowing out in mad abandon to capture you, the moment, and any mood you may find yourself experiencing.

Butchart’s art was featured as part of the Gananoque art studios tour, Within the Gates, and will be available at the Socialist Pig throughout June.


2 thoughts on “Pat Butchart’s Creative Expressions on Display at Socialist Pig

  1. Thanks Lorraine. You are an amazing creative writer and you always do such an amazing write up on my art. You get it!!!! You are awesome. Thanks so much. Take care. Patrica Butchart, Sales Representative, Keller Williams Ottawa Real Estate. Serving Gananoque, Kingston, and Ottawa for all your real estate needs e-mail Pat at

  2. These stunning paintings are just a taste of the hundreds Pat has painted. She sees the canvas and lets God guide her hand. Her strokes and colours flow with intention. Each painting draws you in and your own spirit is touched and awakened. We become emotional with a tear, or in awe with fascination, with enlightened hope, or we feel a peaceful presence. Long may we be blessed with her talent.

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