Welcome Home to “Bed and Breakfast” At the Firehall Theatre

by Lorraine Payette, written August 17, 2015

Brett (Andrew Kushnir) and Drew (Paul Dunn) enjoy the moment in “Bed and Breakfast” – photo by Jay Kopinski for the Thousand Islands Playhouse

Brett (Andrew Kushnir) and Drew (Paul Dunn) enjoy the moment in “Bed and Breakfast” – photo by Jay Kopinski for the Thousand Islands Playhouse

(Gananoque, ON) Hello, World, and welcome home to Gananoque! In this world premiere production, playwright Mark Crawford is well on his way to proving himself an absolute genius in his creation of “Bed and Breakfast”, a romantic dramady about two boys from the big city of Toronto who end up moving to small town Ontario and opening a bed and breakfast.

Ashlie Corcoran picked another winner when she chose to produce this play written under last year’s Playwrights’ Unit.

“The Playwrights’ Unit … is a year-long residency program designed to nurture promising playwrights,” says the Playhouse. “The writers will develop new plays over the course of the residency – with the Playhouse audience and resources of both the Springer Theatre and Firehall Theatre in mind.”

Andrew Kushnir (Brett) and Paul Dunn (Drew) were perfect choices to pull off a piece of this scope. Between them they fill the stage with 34 characters, and do so in such a convincing fashion that you have trouble remembering you are only seeing two people. Each character is unique, each change so seamless yet distinct, each person so real that there is no confusion. Whether man or woman, adult or child, you know who these people are and who you are dealing with.

Although the town is unnamed, it is three hours from Toronto and the action revolves around an old Victorian house. We know this town, we know these people – everything is so familiar. When trouble strikes, we want to rush up and help solve the problems. Our arms and hearts are open, ready to share in every triumph, every challenge, every heartbreak.

From a downtown business association meeting to local contractors to that city barista with attitude, we sit there in the dark thinking, “That has to be… I know him/her so well…”

“I would definitely recommend it,” said Lois Creed, 90, of Dexter, NY. “The story is very uplifting and encouraging, and I would be proud to have these boys as my grandsons.”

The play is filled with timely references and characters we can admire. This is our little town, these are our people, and in the end, it is our triumph. Many congratulations on a brilliant production of a play that is sure to go on to be a classic not just in small town Ontario, but in bigger venues everywhere.

“Bed and Breakfast” runs from August 14 – September 13, 2015, at the Firehall Theatre, 185 South Street in Gananoque, Ontario. Running time for the play is 1 hours, 45 minutes including intermission. Show times are Tuesday through Sunday 8:00 pm, with matinees on Friday and Saturday at 2:30 pm (starting the Friday after opening night). Tickets are $32 for adults, $30 for seniors age 65+, <30 Club $20, $16 for students, with a half price preview on August 14. HST is applicable to all ticket prices. Group tickets are available at $26 – $28 each. The Fish Fry Fundraiser is separate and is not required for attending the play. This show is recommended for people of all ages. For more information, please go to http://www.1000islandsplayhouse.com or contact the box office at 613-382-7020.


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