March 22 Last Day to Sign Up for General Auditions at Thousand Islands Playhouse

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The Thousand Islands Playhouse will be holding general auditions on April 4. March 22 is the deadline to sign up in order to get a spot. This is a great chance for local talent to show what they can do.

Written March 16, 2019 – posted March 22, 2019

(Gananoque, ON)

Picture yourself standing on the professional stage, performing for a room full of paying theatre goers who have all come to see you and what you can do. You dazzle them with witty repartee, enchant them with your singing voice, and fill them with joy as you dance like you have never danced before.

This is your chance to put down the hairbrush you have been using as a mic and get out and strut your stuff – the Thousand Islands Playhouse is holding general auditions and wants to hear from you. There is no age restriction and no need for previous professional experience.

“People are invited to submit by March 22 and those selected for auditions will be given further details,” said their on-line representative. “A general audition is just an opportunity for people in the region to introduce themselves to the Managing Director. It’s not for specific shows or anything.”

The process basically gives the Playhouse an idea of who is out here, and what kinds of talent are available in the local area.

“Auditions will take place on Thursday, April 4, 2019,” says the Playhouse web posting. “Managing Artistic Director Brett Christopher will be in attendance.”

People interested in applying will need to submit a resumé, headshot, and cover letter introducing who they are and their background in theatre. All submissions need to be by e-mail sent to, attention Marta McDonald, Company Manager (no telephone calls will be accepted). Be sure to clearly indicate your Equity status in the subject heading.

“We thank everyone for their interest, but only selected applicants will be contacted to arrange an audition,” said the Playhouse.

Those who are selected for auditions will need to prepare two contrasting monologues, each no more than two minutes in length, or one monologue and a song (to be sung a cappella), again no more than two minutes in length. If you play a musical instrument, you can choose to accompany yourself.

The theatre is hoping to see submissions from performers of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and an assortment of ages. Preference will be given to individuals unknown to Mr. Christopher, and there is no guaranteed show or performance.

This is a chance to create a network of local talent, a way in which the Playhouse can reach out and show off our local artists, giving them a leg up in the world of professional theatre. For more information please go to .


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