Horticultural Society holding garden tour in Gananoque

An arched trellis is an invitation to see more. The Gananoque Horticultural Society will be holding their Annual Garden Tour on Sunday, July 10. copyright Lorraine Payette

(Gananoque, ON) After two years of following pandemic protocols and being unable to hold their normal public events, the Gananoque Horticultural Society (GHS) is happy to be able to once again invite everyone to attend their Annual Garden Tour on Sunday, July 10.

“This is our first garden tour since 2019,” said Joan MacKinnon, GHS secretary. “Some of the gardens have been ‘on hold’ since 2020, while others were just chosen this spring. There’s not really a theme to the tour, but we’re always looking for appealing back gardens preferably within town. We are always on the lookout for gardens though sometimes gardeners contact us, and we go to take a look – interesting and unusual plantings always appeal to everyone.”

Most of the tour is a comfortable walk filled with beautiful colour, texture and helpful advice from the people who created the gardens and some of the features in them. The event has been run on an annual basis for more than 25 years, giving enthusiasts a chance to see both public and private gardens. Not only is it a good fundraiser for the Horticultural Society, it also allows people to get out, meet the gardeners, and get ideas for things they might want to try at home. Two of this year’s gardens are somewhat farther away from the centre, but can be easily reached by car.

“We look for gardens that have visual interest from a variety of viewpoints,” said MacKinnon. “Not only are the plants and flowers themselves important, but the way they are used and different elements such as statuary, bird baths and benches can add interest. Some of the creativity we find in these gardens is quite remarkable.”

Many different features can be found in the gardens, whether a blending of wildflowers with more traditional plants; fountains, sculpture, lighting and other architectural elements; grading and leveling of the soil to create depth and interest, or creative plantings around existing granite outcroppings.

The Society has been in existence since 1920, encouraging people to get out and see just what they can do with plants while giving them ways to create excellent outside designs that are both functional and decorative. They have planted thousands of trees and bulbs, annuals, and biennials, as well as perennials, flowers and vegetables for their own enjoyment and that of others. Their garden at the corner of Mill and Main Streets was given to them by the Macdonald family in 1924 and may be viewed and enjoyed at any time of year.

A single day event, the Garden Tour runs from noon until 4 p.m., with locations mentioned on the official map which can be purchased at the Visitors Centre, 10 King Street East, next to the Town Hall for $10. The map is your ticket to the event and entitles you to not only enter the gardens but to ask any questions and receive advice from the owner and members of the Society. 

The Horticultural Society is always seeking new members. For more information about the walk, contact Elaine Davidson at 613-382-3772 or Lynda Pilkey at 613-382-8021. If you wish to join the society, contact Joan MacKinnon at 613-463-9406.

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