“Harvest Blend” Bringing Majestic Arts of Autumn to Eagle Point Winery

Eagle Point Winery Announcement - Escott - August 2, 2013 - IMG_9213cropcorresizecopyright

by Lorraine Payette, written September 21, 2013

(ESCOTT, ON) – As the days shorten, a mellow golden light brings out the colours of fall seeping through forest and glen, washing over the vines and the trees and spreading across the meadow below. And with the autumn days come cooler temperatures and the promise of a glowing harvest.

Each year, artists step forth from their studios to try to capture this magic on canvas. Called plein air, they move outside to grasp these fleeting moments and save them forever with brush and knife, charcoal and pencil, using any medium and working feverishly on canvas and paper until the darkness falls and the spell is gone. This year they have a real feast for the eyes and palette. Eagle Point Winery has opened its doors and is inviting them in for a taste of its splendour.

Set for the weekend of October 4-6, 2013, a handpicked group of artists has been invited to come out to Eagle Point to paint and capture the glory of the winery in autumn. Called “Harvest Blend”, the event allows not only the artists to come out and enjoy the winery, but also the public.

“Twelve talented plein air artists from Ontario and New York State have been invited to paint in the vineyard and its adjacent properties over the span of Friday and Saturday,” says Debra Marshall, Operations Manager at Eagle Point Winery. “(We encourage people to) make a day trip during the weekend and witness the creative process as each artist puts to canvas their visual interpretation. Plan to join us to kick off your Thanksgiving celebration with a visit to the Eagle Point Winery to meet the artists and to witness the rich change of colour being captured on canvas firsthand.”

From 1:00 – 4:00 pm on Sunday, October 6, visitors are invited to cast ballots for the “People’s Choice Award” as the art that was created over the course of the weekend is put on display. All of the pieces are new, and all will have been created during this short period to capture the feel of autumn in the vineyard.

“The art produced during this short time period will form the basis of the exhibition to be presented to the general public at the Sunday tour and wine tasting finale,” says Marshall. “An exhibition of plein air art from our artists is currently on display at Eagle Point Winery. Please bring your family and friends to share in this unique Canadian blend of community spirit, art, agriculture and wine.”

For further information or directions, call 613-659-4140, please go to the web site at http://www.eaglepointwinery.ca or email Debra Marshall at dmarshall@eaglepointwinery.ca .


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