Call In a Judge To Hold Liberal Gov’t Accountable: Clark

by Michael Jiggins, Executive Assistant to Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark

Leeds-Grenville MPP Says Only Threat Of Jail Door Slamming Can Uncover the Truth Behind $1.1 Billion Gas Plants Boondoggle

(QUEEN’S PARK) – It’s time to force the Liberal government to face the threat of jail time in order to finally get to the bottom of the billion-dollar gas plants scandal, says Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark.

“The Auditor-General has confirmed PC MPPs like me were right when we said this scandal would cost taxpayers $1 billion. Now, we need to see some consequences for the government’s actions,” said Clark, who noted the OPP are also investigating the government following a complaint by the Ontario PC Official Opposition.

“It’s time to launch a judicial inquiry to hold those responsible for making these outrageous decisions accountable. Hauling Liberal cabinet ministers in front of a judge who can send them to jail if they don’t tell the truth is the only way to ensure it happens.”

For the past year, the government has played games and refused to answer questions at legislative committee hearings looking into the cancellation of the Oakville and Mississauga gas plants.

Those attempts to cover up the true costs of the politically motivated decision to save five Liberal MPPs’ seats in the last election were exposed yesterday with the release of the Auditor General’s report, said Clark.

“That $1.1 billion could fund this year’s United Way of Leeds and Grenville campaign goal of $1,075,000 for more than 1,000 years or provide the $300,000 in annual funding Sherwood Park Manor is seeking from local municipalities for 3,600 years,” said Clark.

“It’s a sickening abuse of the public’s trust and one of the biggest political scandals in the history of our province. I’m convinced only the threat of a jail door slamming behind them will force Premier Wynne, former premier Dalton McGuinty and everyone else involved to finally start telling the truth.”

At the same time he’s calling for a judicial inquiry, Clark urged the NDP to support the PC Party’s non-confidence motion in the government.

“I’ll be standing in my place voting to bring down this scandal-plagued government and give residents of Leeds-Grenville what they’re overwhelmingly telling me they want: a chance to pass judgment on this government at the ballot box,” said Clark.

“It’s hard for me to understand how the NDP could – yet again – deny Ontarians the opportunity they so clearly deserve.”


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