3rd Annual GDHS Chilli Fest Coming on February 1

Senor LaLa and Chiquita Chihuahua overwhelmingly support the GDHS Chilli Fest!

Senor LaLa and Chiquita Chihuahua overwhelmingly support the GDHS Chilli Fest!

by Lorraine Payette

Listen up, you chilli chefs and aficionados, it’s going to get hot, hot, HOT! for the Gananoque and District Humane Society’s (GDHS) 3rd annual Chilli Cook-Off and Festival to be held at the Lansdowne Recreation Centre, 1 Jesse Street, on Saturday, February 1.

The Shelter is looking for chilli, chilli and MORE chilli!

“If you have it, we want it,” said Arlene Massey of GDHS. “Hot or mild, extra meaty, vegetarian, exotic – any kind of homemade chilli. We have categories for everyone. And the judges will be the general public, so we really will know who makes the best chilli around.”

The Shelter is also looking for posters and decorations to spice up the hall, all things fun and “south of the border” to add that extra bit of zest. Feel free to come in costume, decorate your space any way you want – fun is the order of the day, and all proceeds will go to help the GDHS.

The fun starts at 3:00 and runs right up through 10:00 pm. Not only will there be a fantastic chilli cook-off featuring favourites old and new, but also a bake sale and silent auction, all to help raise funds for GDHS. Live music by Norbert LePage and fellow local musicians will be available on-site, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available for sale. General admission to the festivities is free, while $10 for adults, $7.50 for kids, lets everyone in on the chilli tasting, with all the chillies they want to try plus sides of coleslaw and home made cornbread for a full and satisfying meal as well as a chance to vote for their favourites.

Every kind of chilli is welcome and appreciated

Every kind of chilli is welcome and appreciated

The General Rules of the competition are:

1. Beans may be used in your chilli although must be included in the name… “Chilli with beans”.
2. Chilli is defined as a spicy stew like dish made with meat (optional) and/or beans (optional).
3. Other ingredients may be added such as spices with the exception of nuts, rice and/or pasta.
4. Chilli should be cooked before arriving at the competition. All participants should be checked by 1:00 pm and judging will start at 3:00 pm. Chilli winners will be announced during the evening.
5. Chilli should be kept hot for competition….preferably in electric crock pots.
6. Participants are responsible for cleaning area after event.
7. Please bring enough of your chilli for it to be judged by the community.
8. Have fun!

Even the MPP couldn't resist a chance to come out and sample the best chilli in Ontario

Even the MPP couldn’t resist a chance to come out and sample the best chilli in Ontario

“We had a fantastic turn out last year,” said Massey. “Some people actually ran out of chilli before the event was over, so it would be a good idea to make a lot. This is a major fundraiser for the Shelter, so we hope to see everyone come out and give it their best shot.”

For more information, entry forms and the chance to register, please contact Jennifer at jlroehl@icloud.com or call 613-483-9549.


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  1. Hi Lorraine The ladies at “TheHub” are planning a special “$15 day” for Sept 26 where there will be $15 for Readings, Reflexology, foot Care,Tanning and 15 percent discounts. Is there something that you can put together in time before the 26th for the paper? You and your Majic wan. You can touch base with Heather. And maybe she can give you more info. . I am in Ottawa Friday but around Thursday afternoon. Maybe you can set up a time With Heather that works for her and Kelly and I will work it in other than Friday. Thanks Lorraine for always being such a great support for things going on in Gananoque. Talk soon. Pat I e-mailed Heather also so you both have each others e-mail. . I don’t have your personal one in my new phone. Hope this reaches you.

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