Sheba’s Haven Hosting 1st Annual Kindness and Healing Event

by Lorraine Payette, written April 22, 2014

“There is a bridge connecting heaven and earth…”
– Rainbow Bridge

(Inverary, ON) Sheba’s Haven in Inverary, Ontario, knows perhaps better than anyone else the sweet pain and sorrow of losing a loving, lifelong non-human companion. Since its humble beginning in 2000, many dogs have passed through its gates to find love and care as they spend their last weeks, months or sometimes years living in dignity at this one of a kind palliative care facility.

A small palliative care facility for dogs at 1830 Sunbury Road in Inverary, this registered charity looks after about 10 dogs at a time on a three-acre lot. There is plenty of room for them to get out and play, hunt for interesting things in the grass, or just bask in the sun. They receive the best in veterinary care, special diets, and the use of holistic and other natural treatments to guarantee that their remaining time is as comfortable and rewarding as possible. – to read more>