She Loves Me a Delightful Step Back into 1930’s Romance

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She Loves Me – Performance Photos

by Lorraine Payette, written June 26, 2014

The sweet aroma of love is in the air at Maraczek’s Parfumerie as Ilona Ritter (Kristen Galer) and Steven Kodaly (Kevin McGarry) continue their on-going affair. Not quite as obvious is the love developing between shy and stressed manager Georg Nowack (Ron Pederson) and his mysterious pen-pal, “Dear Friend”. But things get tense and tempers start to flare when a nervous young woman, Amalia Balash (Alison MacDonald) applies to work with them. She and Georg aren’t quite sure if they can tolerate each other or not. However, poor Amalia also finds that her best stress relief is through writing to her pen-pal, a “Dear Friend” …

What will happen when they discover who their pen-pals really are? – to read more>


“She Loves Me”: Largest Romantic Musical in Many Years Comes to Playhouse Stage

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Rehearsal Photos

by Lorraine Payette, written June 10, 2014

(Gananoque, ON) Opening on June 21, the Thousand Islands Playhouse will be dancing its way into your heart with the largest cast musical they’ve performed in years. “She Loves Me” promises to be a feast of sight and sound, with 13 gifted performers bringing you the story of a nervous young woman, Amalia Balash (Alison MacDonald) and Georg Nowack (Ron Pederson), the manager of Maraczek’s Parfumerie. The bane of each others existence in the workplace, each is so certain they’d be happier if they never had to see each other at all. As they both indulge in their favourite passion and stress reliever of writing and receiving letters from their secret pen pals, neither realizes that this is about to become the most wonderful summer in 1930’s Budapest that either of them could ever imagine. – to read more>