TI Yarnspinners Weaving Tales in New Location

Once upon a ...

Once upon a …

by Lorraine Payette, written October 18, 2013

As the shadows deepen, come. Draw closer to the fire, wrap yourself in the arms of the group, and settle in for an evening of stories. The tellers are rising from the mists, here to enchant, delight, perhaps to frighten you just a little bit, but always to share and have you share with them.

And as the darkness closes around them, the stories will get wilder and wilder. Some will be quiet and intense, others loud and full of life and movement, for each teller is unique. A topic is determined each month, and they come together, eager both to share and to learn from each other.

And, if you’ve a yen, a thought that there’s a story inside you waiting to escape, they invite you to join them and see what you can do. – to read more>