“Bird Brain” Triumphs in Town Park

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A Handful of Characters

by Lorraine Payette, written July 4, 2014

(Gananoque, ON) A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush… Keep it under your hat… A kind heart is worth more than any kingdom… Follow your heart and your dreams will come true…

Woodcutting is hard, tiring work, more than enough to break the spirit and kill the dreams of most men. But when Bird Brain finds a nest of freezing orphaned baby birds in the forest, he knows the only way he can save them is to put them under his warm, comfortable hat.

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The Story Unfolds

However, in a world where tipping the hat isn’t just a courtesy, but the law of the land, this could lead to disaster. In the end, he learns that if you truly believe and live by your belief, the most wonderful things can happen.

“Since 1997, the Thousand Islands Playhouse Young Company has been bringing professional theatre to thousands of young people across Eastern Ontario,” says Ashlie Corcoran, Artistic Director for the Playhouse. “It provides a wonderful introduction to the magic of live theatre and promotes the wonders of reading, singing, dance and storytelling.”

“Bird Brain” is magically brought to life in schools and the Gananoque Town Park by the Young Company. The multitude of roles – from Bird Brain to his wife to the Queen, a seer, and even the dreaded Under Secretary to the Queen – are delightfully created and shared by a minimal cast of four, and the results are sweet, amusing and triumphant all at the same time. The play is highly recommended for people of all ages.

While schools are now closed for the season, “Bird Brain” may be seen free of charge in the Town Park on King Street in Gananoque every Thursday and Saturday afternoon at 4:30 pm (weather permitting) until fall. Performers are Luke Brown, Nan Chen, Alexandra Montagnese and Dylan On, all of whom will convince you that following your heart really will make your dreams come true, as long as you just believe.


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