1,000 Islands Writers Festival fills Gananoque with all kinds of readers and writers

(Gananoque, ON)  Once upon a time there was a little town in southeastern Ontario called Gananoque.  One beautiful day, a tiny seed of an idea was planted in the minds of some literary minded folks.  Before too long, that seed sprouted, took root and grew into the 1,000 Islands Writers Festival.

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“Established in 2015 as the Gananoque Literary Festival and renamed in 2017 as it evolved to encompass the wider 1000 Island region, the event is a celebration of books, the literary arts and the creative process that aims to foster the discovery and enjoyment of reading and writing by bringing leading Canadian authors and their audiences together in relaxed and intimate conversational settings,” said Pam Hudson, Artistic Director of the festival.   Continue reading


“Bird Brain” Triumphs in Town Park

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A Handful of Characters

by Lorraine Payette, written July 4, 2014

(Gananoque, ON) A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush… Keep it under your hat… A kind heart is worth more than any kingdom… Follow your heart and your dreams will come true…

Woodcutting is hard, tiring work, more than enough to break the spirit and kill the dreams of most men. But when Bird Brain finds a nest of freezing orphaned baby birds in the forest, he knows the only way he can save them is to put them under his warm, comfortable hat. – to read more>

Fifth Jammin’ In the 1,000 Islands Will Be Smokin’

Melodia Monday gets down to business as they practice at Christ Church

Melodia Monday gets down to business as they practice at Christ Church

by Lorraine Payette, written October 21, 2013

(GANANOQUE, ONTARIO) Name your music, and Gananoque will see to it that you can have it live on the weekend of October 25-27. Jammin’ In The 1,000 Islands is back for its fifth sizzling year, bringing all your favourites from throughout the area.

Every possible venue throughout the town will be filled with live music, from restaurants to storefronts, to fabulous feature cabaret performances at the Firehall Theatre. – to read more>

Gananoque Chamber of Commerce Hires Youth Intern

Gananoque, ON — (September 9, 2013) The 1000 Islands Gananoque Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce and welcome Rosalyn Gambhir as Youth Intern. Rosalyn will be responsible for the development of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism websites, bringing both sites up-to-date visually and technically, developing a user friendly interface, increasing awareness of member businesses, upcoming events and bringing awareness of member businesses. Funding was generously provided by the Thousand Islands Community Development Corporation. – to read more>