Clark Stands Up Again for North Grenville Residential Hospice

Beth Donovan Project ‘Ready to Move Forward,’ MPP Tells Minister

by Michael Jiggins, Executive Assistant to Steve Clark, MPP, Leeds-Grenville, written November 21, 2013

(QUEEN’S PARK) – Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Deb Matthews has committed to personally looking into a proposal by North Grenville’s Beth Donovan Hospice for funding to create a long-awaited residential hospice in the community.

The minister’s commitment came during questioning by Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark at a recent meeting of the Standing Committee on Estimates at Queen’s Park. – to read more>


Announcing New Prenatal Classes Offered at 6 Different Sites in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark

by Susan Healey, Communications Co-ordinator, written November 18, 2013

Public Health Nurses will be teaching Prenatal Classes (4 sessions) from the following locations: Almonte, Brockville, Carleton Place, Gananoque, Kemptville and Smiths Falls.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our New Prenatal Classes to expectant parents. These improved prenatal classes, reflect our commitment to evidence-based best practice in healthy pregnancy. – to read more>

Community input needed for Food Charter

by Susan Healey, CPHC

foodcoreLGL is creating a Food Charter for the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and Lanark County. A Food Charter is a guiding document, shaped by community members, that outlines a vision for the future of the food system in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. The food system includes everything from growing food, to processing, storing, transporting, selling, buying, and eating food. From growers to eaters – we all fit into the food system. – to read more>

Health Unit develops Reportable Diseases Toolkit for Health Care Professionals

by Margaret Hendriks, Manager of Community Health Protection, November 5, 2013

(LEEDS-GRENVILLE, ONTARIO) Every year many people in Lanark, Leeds and Grenville become ill with a communicable disease such as: Influenza, Lyme, Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Hepatitis C and Measles. Rapid access to information about key symptoms, laboratory testing and treatment can help health care providers provide the best possible care. The Health Unit has developed a new on-line resource to assist health care providers. – to read more>

Food Costing Survey Completed For the Tri-County

by Dianne Oickle, MSc, RD, Public Health Nutritionist, written November 5, 2013

(LEEDS-GRENVILLE, ONTARIO) The Health Unit has recently completed Nutritious Food Basket costing for 2013. The annual food costing, done by all Public Units in Ontario, calculates the price of 67 food items from a number of grocery stores in the area. This year, across Leeds, Grenville, and Lanark counties, the cost of feeding a family of 4 (2 adults + 2 children) is $178 per week (or $772 per month). This is a 9% increase in the cost of food alone in the past 3 years (since 2010). – to read more>

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

by Catherine Robinson, Clinical Coordinator, Language Express PSL

Don’t Wait and See!
It is very important that your child be able to speak clearly and ask questions, listen and follow instructions, and play appropriately with other children. 10-12% of preschool children have speech and language difficulties that will make it hard for them to succeed in school and in life. – to read more>

Flu Season Is Fast Approaching

by Susan Healey, Leeds Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit – submitted October 21, 2013

(LEEDS-GRENVILLE) Influenza is a preventable illness that can be very dangerous to some individuals. Because influenza is extremely contagious and is capable of spreading rapidly from person to person, it is important for individuals to follow these steps to protect themselves as well as others in the community: Get a flu shot, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, keep frequently touched hard surfaces clean and disinfected, cover your cough, and stay home when you are sick. – to read more>

Local Agencies weigh in on “FAT TALK”

Girls Inc. – Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit – October 10, 2013

(LEEDS-GENVILLE, ON) – October 20th – 26th is Fat Talk Free Week. You are invited to take the challenge to end “fat talk” by thinking twice about using statements that are damaging to self-esteem and body image. “Fat talk” isn’t about being overweight. It is the language that we use about ourselves and others when we talk about dieting, losing weight and appearance.

Think before using statements like “I’m so fat.” “I need to lose 10 pounds” and “She’s too fat to be wearing that swimsuit.” Statements that are considered fat talk don’t necessarily have to be negative; they reinforce the need to be thin – like: “You look great! Have you lost weight?” – to read more>

Be Tick Smart during the Hunting Season

Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit

(LEEDS-GRENVILLE, ON) – Hunting season is upon us and the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit would like to remind those enjoying hunting activities to be aware that they also share the great outdoors with ticks that can make them sick. Lyme disease is caused by being bitten by an infected tick. In Leeds, Grenville and Lanark, we have several different types of ticks. Lyme disease is caused by the bite of an infected black-legged tick (also known as deer ticks). There is an increasing number of areas where ticks carrying Lyme disease are found. Lyme disease is regularly found within our geographic area of Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. – to read more>